About Us

About InfiMech
INFIMECH was dedication to bring 3d model design back to printing easily and simply, rather than to push 3d printing lovers and our buyers to learn repairing their 3d printers. TX is our first desktop 3d printer, which desin and test for years,TX is you can trust and reliable 3d machine.
Our Team
INFIMECH was founded in 2023 by young and energetic team of PhDs ,We specialize in design and produce 3D printers and related products. Our support team consists of professional engineers with years of experience in the industry, Your printer problems will  be reply quickly and patiently. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or something you are interesting in 3D Printer.
Our email: chu@infimech.com
Technical support:Support@infimech.com
Tel: +86 18605529362